Food Storing Mobile Nitrogen Generator , Compact PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant

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Name: Marine Nitrogen Generator Feature: Longlife
Capacity: 5-5000 Nm3/h Purity: 95%-99.9995%
Operate Power: 1 KW Dew Point: -70 ℃
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psa nitrogen generation system


psa nitrogen gas generator

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Marine Nitrogen Generator Introduction:

N2 and O2 all have a quadrupole, for the reason that the quadrupole of N2(0.31 Å)is bigger than the quadrupole of O2 (0.10 Å), the adsorption capacity by molecular sieve to N2 is stronger than O2.

When the compressed air in certain pressure flow through adsorption bed formed by molecular sieve,

the N2 gas is absorbed and O2 is obtained by separation.

The main part of O2 generator is two towers filled with molecular sieve , when the compressed air get into adsorption tower, the N2, is absorbed by molecular sieve, N2 is produced from the export terminal .

When one tower produces N2, another tower release the N2 by reducing the pressure to get the

renewable desorption of carbon molecular sieve. Two towers alternate adsorption and regeneration

to output N2 continuously.

More economical:

* More advanced and more economical air separation modules.

* REFLUX composition control system reduces air consumption capacity, saves energy cost.

* Patented Energy Efficiency System (EES) enables our systems to produce product gases based on

actual demand.

More convenient:

* Diversification monitoring and control system enables parameters of capacity, purity, and pressure

of product gases online display on panel screen, gives running problem alarm, and reminds of


* Turn-key solution and pre-commissioned.

* Skid mounted design, easy installation.


Air Products Nitrogen Generator Application:


. Pharmaceutical

. Marine

. Electronics

. Food Processing & Packaging

. Plastic

. Heat Treatment

. Others

The Main Characters of Good Quality Nitrogen Generator

1)The equipment adopts the brand-newly-designed filling technique and the service.

2)Special bypass design ensures lower energy consumption and higher yielding results.

3)Imported integrated pneumatic valve with original packaging guarantees the serviceability in a greater degree.

4)Computer-aided operation with the simple technical design makes for easy maintenance of the equipment.


Technical Parameters of Good Quality Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen-making capacity: 3-3000Nm³/h

Power: 0.5KW

Purity: ≥99.995%

Dew point: ≤-70℃

Air source pressure: 0.8-1.0Mpa

Nitrogen-making pressure: 0.1-0.7Mpa


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