nitrogen gas making machine

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High-purity nitrogen air separation equipment using molecular sieve adsorption, expansion of gas expander refrigeration, single-tower distillation. According to the user needs different forms (gaseous. Liquid) nitrogen use, according to the user needs different pressure levels of nitrogen customization, so that the lowest energy consumption, the vibration scale of production from 10Nm3 / h to 10000Nm3 / h (nitrogen production) Special customization of user requirements.

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PSA nitrogen generator, PSA Oxygen purifier, PSA nitrogen purifier, hydrogen generator, VPSA oxygen generator, VSA oxygen generator, Membrane oxygen generator, Membrane nitrogen generator, Liquid (cryogenic) oxygen, nitrogen and argon generator, etc, and are widely used in industries of petroleum, oil & gas, chemicals, electronics, metallurgy, coals, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, autos, glass, plastics, food, medical treatment, grain, mining, cutting, welding, new material, etc. With years research in air separation technology and rich solution experiences in various industries,  sticks to providing our clients with more reliable, more economical, more convenient professional gas solutions.

Technical Features And  After Sales Service Commitment

- It is an advanced technology with less investment.

- The quality is reliable and both the N2 purity and quantity are stable.

- The unit is supplied in a skid-mounted manner, which can be transported and installed easily.

- It is full automatic control and no need for operators, easy to start-up and shutdown, simplified and convenient maintenance.

- Our service department is formed by a skilled team of engineers. There are more than 15 of them, whose average age is about 35. We always adhere to the general principle of "good faith, high quality, innovation, and development ", and follow the idea of giving customers the maximum of satisfaction, which laid a good foundation to ensure that the service quality. We obtained loads of compliments for we not only guarantee the service quality, but also the benefits of customers.

- Free warranty for the equipments during the promised period

1. The nitrogen generator,1 year warranty, maintenance responding time is less than eight hours.

2. Ancillary equipment ,1 year warranty, maintance responding time is less than 8 hours.

3. Lifelong maintance service in a timely manner, the responding time is less than 8 hours.

4.Provide 24-hour hotline service. 0086-15158093136

5.Return visit every six months (callback or on the spot).

6.Supply accessories in a timely manner, the delivery time is generally 1-7 days.

7.Free repair at the expiry time of warranty



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