Heatless Purge Desiccant Compressor Air Dryer

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According to the principal of PSA, the moisture in the air will be adsorbed and compressed with the special appetency of the sorbent on the steam. The machine is of two-tower structure. Under the control of PLC, the two towers will run alternately. One tower adsorb the moisture under high pressure and another tower complete the desorption of steam with the dry air produced by itself, thus keeping running circularly. Although the machine will consume some air, the comprehensive energy consumption are largely lower than the heat sourced regenerative dryer based on variable temperature adsorption, so it is a widely used air compressing and drying machine at present.

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Working principle

This series of desiccant dryer incorporates the working principles of pressure swing adsorption and temperature swing adsorption. Desiccant absorbs water moisture in drying column and being regenerated with high quality dried and heated purge air in regeneration column by air thermal diffusion and high pressure difference mechanisms.

heatless  regeneration  compressed  air  dryer  is  based  on  the principle of PSA, use porous desiccant to adsorb water molecules for compressed air.drying

Features of the containerized plant

• Model NO.: 3.8Nm3/min-160Nm3/min

• Operational Method: Continuous

• Heating Mode: Convective

• Trademark: Sihope

• Origin: Hangzhou, China

• Structure: Air Flow Drier

• Operation Pressure: Atmospheric Dryer

• Movement Way: Combined

• Specification: Germany Standard

• HS Code: 8419399090

Product Description

3.8Nm3/min-160Nm3/min Heatless Purge Desiccant Compressor Air Dryer

Technical Specification

Purge air: ≤ 12~15%
Working pressure: 0.6~1.0Mpa
Inlet oil content: ≤ 0.01ppm
Outlet air pressure dew point: -20 ~ -40C
Desiccant: Activated aluminum or Molecular siere
Working periods: 4 ~ 20minutes
Inlet temperature: 0~45C

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