Plasma air purification sterilizer

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Air flow: 680m³/h          

Rated voltage:220V/50Hz          

Rated power:108W

Applicable volume ≤70m³  

wind velocity:multistage        

Working noise:56Db

The way of air flow: the front to up side 

Disinfection factor:plasma+ composite filter

Product size: 430X340X800mm

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Patent technology of plasma purification sterilization

Plasma reactor are composed of multi array needle plate mechanism.Under the action of voltage, the anode tip emits an electron beam to the cathode plate. A large number of electron beams form a high-density ion matrix. When the air in the matrix are massively ionized, low temperature plasma will be formed. Any toxic or hazardous material that passes through a plasma reactor will be bombarded by an electron beam.

To break the chemical bonds of the substance. Fundamentally achieved disinfection and purification. This process can completely wipe out the air floating infectious, epidemic, allergic virus, bacteria mold, mites and other bacteria, and no toxic and harmful substances produced. It will not cause any harm to the human body, to achieve a real human-machine coexistence. So it is called green sterilization and purification technology.

Efficient multi-layer progressive filtration technology

Sihope brand plasma air purification and disinfection system is equipped with H10, H 11, activated carbon multi-layer filter, H13 high efficiency filter at the air outlet, the outdoor PM2.5, dust particles, allergens and other pollutants isolated outside, while protecting the heat exchange core clean, greatly prolong its service life.

Constant speed mute technology

After a period of operation, the dust accumulated by the filter becomes more.
The resistance of the filter screen increases, but the fan always runs at a constant speed, so the noise does not rise.

Dc frequency conversion technology

Digital signal permanent magnet brushless DC motor, the fan runs smoothly, when the wind speed changes, the motor speed changes slowly step by step, to avoid the equipment vibration due to speed mutation.

Two wing air inlet technology

Double-wing wind wheel, the fan enters the air on both sides, the operation force is balanced, reduce the vibration of the fan and make the equipment run more smoothly.

Bionic cochlear type fan technology

Application of bionic principle, cochlear fan system, smooth logarithmic curve design, silent operation, efficient purification,low power, high efficiency.

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