Working principle of PSA Nitrogen Generator

Using compressed air, Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) generators produce an interrupted supply of nitrogen gas.   These generators use pretreated compressed air that is filtered through a carbon molecular sieve (CMS).    Oxygen and trace gases get absorbed through the CMS letting nitrogen to pass through.   This filtration takes place in two towers both of which contain a CMS.

When the on-line tower vents the contaminants, it is known as the regenerative mode.   In this process, Oxygen, having smaller molecules gets separated from the Nitrogen and the lining in the sieve adsorbs these smaller oxygen molecules.   As Nitrogen molecules are larger in size, they are unable to pass through the CMS and the result will be the desired pure Nitrogen gas..

Working principle of Membrane Nitrogen Generator

In a Membrane Nitrogen generator, the air gets filtered and passes through various technically advanced membranes.   These have hollow fibers that work like reverse fibers & through permeation, nitrogen gets separated.

The purity of nitrogen varies with the number of membranes, the system has.   By using different sizes of the membrane and by increasing or decreasing the pressure results in different degree of nitrogen purity levels.   The purity level of nitrogen is slightly less than the level obtained with a PSA generator.

Post time: Dec-16-2021