The electronics and electronic goods manufacturing industry is a very diverse field. It encompasses various industries and technologies including surface mount lead-free soldering for semiconductor production. Regardless of your company’s operation, onsite nitrogen generators provide numerous benefits to the electronics industry. Nitrogen in its purest form is an inert non-conductive gas. It’s used to cut down oxidation during the packaging and assembly of electronic goods. Here we will briefly explain the various applications of nitrogen generators in the electronics industry.

Atmospheric consistency

Several electronic manufacturing processes require controlled environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. Nitrogen, being an inert gas, can provide consistent atmospheric conditions in electronic goods manufacturing workplaces. Nitrogen keeps the atmospheric conditions steady, and it can reduce the chances of errors caused by excess moisture, which in turn causes oxidation.

Mitigation of oxidation

Numerous electronic devices require strong soldered joints to ensure long-lasting durability and high manufacturing quality. During the process of soldering, oxygen particles can cause oxidation. Oxidation is one of the significant obstructions manufacturing plants face;  it weakens soldered joints causing defects, resulting in poor quality devices.

These problems can be avoided by using nitrogen generators to create pure nitrogen gas in the electronics manufacturing process. Nitrogen reduces the risk of oxidation and allows proper wetting of the solder and the devices it is used on. It also creates stronger solder joints resulting in long-lasting and high-quality electronic products.

Dross reduction

Tin-lead solder involves many risks; therefore, many electronic manufacturing companies prefer to use lead-free solder. However, this choice comes with a few disadvantages. The cost of lead-free electronic products is considerably high. Solder without lead has a higher melting point; this creates dross. Dross is a waste product that forms on the surface of molten solder.

Dross requires regular cleaning to ensure high quality end results, which adds to the expense of using lead-free solder in electronic products. Onsite Nitrogen generators can reduce the production of soldering dross by up to 50%, improving the quality of the products and cutting the time required to clean up the dross and other waste from the solder.

Surface tension reduction

Nitrogen generator applications used in the electronic industry create an environment conducive to the process, improving manufacturing productivity.

Nitrogen gas can reduce the surface tension of solder, allowing it to break cleanly from the salting site—this quality of Nitrogen results in a more efficient process of manufacturing electronic goods.

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Post time: Aug-17-2022