The nitrogen generator is an advanced gas separation technology. The high-quality imported carbon molecular sieve (CMS) is used as the adsorbent, and the high-purity nitrogen gas is prepared by separating the air at normal temperature under the principle of pressure swing adsorption (PSA).
The diffusion rates of oxygen and nitrogen gas molecules on the surface of the molecular sieve are different. The gas molecules with smaller diameters (O2) have a faster diffusion rate, more of the micropores entering the carbon molecular sieve, and the diffusion rate of the larger diameter gas molecules (N2). Slower, there are fewer micropores entering the carbon molecular sieve. The selective adsorption difference between nitrogen and oxygen by carbon molecular sieve leads to the enrichment of oxygen in the adsorption phase in a short time, the enrichment of nitrogen in the gas phase, so that the oxygen and nitrogen are separated, and the gas phase enriched nitrogen is obtained under the PSA condition.
After a period of time, the adsorption of oxygen by the molecular sieve is balanced. According to the different adsorption capacity of the carbon molecular sieve to the adsorbed gas under different pressures, the pressure is lowered to deactivate the carbon molecular sieve, and the process is regeneration. According to the different regeneration pressure, it can be divided into vacuum regeneration and atmospheric pressure regeneration. Atmospheric regeneration facilitates the complete regeneration of molecular sieves, making it easy to obtain high purity gases.
The pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator (referred to as PSA nitrogen generator) is a nitrogen generating device designed and manufactured according to pressure swing adsorption technology. Usually, the two adsorption towers are connected in parallel, and the automatic control system strictly controls the timing according to a specific programmable sequence, alternately performs pressure adsorption and decompression regeneration, completes nitrogen and oxygen separation, and obtains high-purity nitrogen gas.

Post time: Sep-11-2021